Vineyards in the Loire Valley France

Wine in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is famous for its wine. Around Montrichard the wine producing area is called the “Touraine” and there are lots of small producers where you can visit, sample the wine and buy your favourites. The main grapes grown are Sauvignon and Chenin for White wines and Gamay, Cabernet and Cot for the red. Some Chardonnay can also be found as well as some Pinot Noir.

Most producers offer wines made from the individual grapes and often in the case of the red, an “assemblage” to produce more complex and sophisticated flavours. Some wines are aged in Oak barrels and some are matured on their lees to give different flavours.

It is always very interesting to travel around, meet the producers, who are normally quite passionate about their craft, and sample their efforts. Some are still following traditional methods and ideas while some others are searching for new ideas to breathe new life into the French wine market.

On the edge of town there is an excellent Negociant, Paul Buisse where you can visit the cellars and taste the wines. As well as the local Touraine wines Paul Buisse has wines from other areas of the Loire valley such as Cheverny, Vouvray, Sancerre, Bourgeuil, St. Nicholas de Bourgeuil and many others. There are also wines in special shaped bottles and boxed to make good gifts or keepsakes.

Domaine Des Elephants

Domaine Des Elephants vineyard in the Loire Valley

Eight generations of the Boucher family have been making AOC Touraine wines in the Loire Valley. Today Philippe and Guillaume, father and son, continue the family tradition at the “Domaine des Elephants".

The name is taken from the two imposing porcelain elephants that once stood on the road approaching the domain. Brought back from India by a wealthy family on their return to France, the elephants have long since disappeared but the name remains.

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Jean Christophe Mandard

Jean-Christophe inherited his father‘s estate in 1993 and is the fourth generation of his family to work the domaine‘s 17 hectares of vineyard located on a plateau above the village of Mareuil-sur-Cher. Jean-Christophe makes a range of different wines, including a decent Gamay de Touraine, but his strength lies in the purity and freshness of his hand harvested old vine Sauvignon Blanc. Jean-Christophe says the deep clay soil avoids the heaviness and loss of aroma, which can affect water-stressed sandier soils north of the river.

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Pere Auguste

Pere Auguste vineyard in the Loire Valley France

More than a century ago, 'Father Auguste', an ancestor of the Godeau family dug the turf below the hill for his vineyards, to make his wine in privacy. In these cellars, for five generations, the family’s passion for winegrowing has been handed down from father to son.

With a total of 42 ha, the vines occupy the area between the town of Civray de Touraine and Chenonceaux. The climate here is both maritime and continental, resulting in an expressive wine of the Loire Valley.

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Plou et Fils

Plou et Fils vineyard Loire Valley France

Our cellar is a family house which is passed on from father to son since 1508. We exploit 70 hectares of vineyard on the areas naming Touraine, Touraine Amboise, Crémant de Loire. Worried about an optimum quality for our wines, we work in a traditional way while allying modern technologies : wine storehouse of wine making with tanks in stainless steel thermoregulated and cellars in the tuffa stone, the visit and the tasting are free every day, all year long.


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